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Fixed-bed bioreactors and fermentors

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medorex - mini fixed-bed bioreactor
medorex - mini fixed-bed bioreactor
A mini cell culture system for the use in biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical research.
A bioreactor (fermenter) for the cultivation of human, animal and adherent cells which require a pad for their growth.

A bioreactor for the cultivation of adherent, human and animal cells that require growth padding. These cells have a membrane and not a fixed cell wall. Therefore, they must not be exposed to shear stress.
  • A fixed-bed bioreactor consists of a media-conditioning vessel from Duran-glass and fixed-bed with necessary macro-porous substrate for the adhering and growth of the cells. The cells grow in, around and between the porous fixed-bed materials.
  • The fixed-bed is fitted in the conditioning vessel central and space-saving.
  • Apart from the 100 ml mini fixed-bed-reactor with 10 ml fixed-bed-volumes the other bioreactors are equipped with temperature, pO2, pH probes and control for the media-conditioning.
  • The fixed-bed bioreactor system can be scaled up from laboratory up to the industrial scale. Standard sizes of bioreactors are 1, 2.5, 5, 10 and 17.5 litres, fixed-bed volumes are 100 ml up to 6.5 litres depending on bioreactor-types.
  • Other sizes can be offered depending on enquiry.
  • The fixed-bed systems can be used in a continuous long time cultivation, Batch or Fedbatch cultivation with a high sterile standard and safety.
  • In the long-time cultivation get the users a high cell density up to 108 cells/ml.
  • The cells recover rapidly after disturbance-phases.
  • The fermenters can be adapted at different cell lines.
  • The bioreactor systems are optimally suitable for the cell cultivation in serum-free nursing media.
  • The users can use different fixed-bed materials in the medorex fixed-bed reactors.
  • Our systems reduce the costs optimally because of the long-time cultivation possibility and multiple use of the fixed-bed-materials
  • The bioreactors can be equipped with additional substrate-harvest-pumps for the continuous cell cultivation.

"Multiferm"a new multiple cell culture bioreactor for medical and scientific pretesting and tests

"Multiferm" is an automated and easily usable 12 fold-fixed-bed-fermenter system. It is suitable best for the cultivation of sensitive animals, humans and other shear sensitive cells without a solid cell wall. The use field of this fixed-bed system is the production of monoclonal antibodies, cultivation of adherent and recombinant cells, the physiological tests of cell tissues and of tumour cells, primary cells, stem cells, liver and kidney cells. "Multiferm" is also suitable for the parallel tests of the same cell lines under the same or almost the same conditions depending on the kind of the cells and the cultivation conditions. The multiple reactor is equipped with the necessary probes and sensors, peristaltic pumps, gas supply, the needed measuring and control program and computer for the storage, evaluation and transfer of the data to other computers. The system contains 12 fixed-bed reactors with each 10 ml of working volumes. The fixed-bed reactors are space-saving in the middle of a 1.5 l medium-conditioning-vessel. The fixed bed reactors and the conditioning vessel are produced from Duran glass to watch and control the development and the process of the cell cultivation better. The lid, the entrances and exits of the multiple fermenter are made of insensitive Peek material to protect the sensitive cells from damages by free metal molecules from the current metal lids. The fixed-bed material consists of highly porous glass pearls or another suitable pad material and is in the reactors. The cells grow into, around and between of the pad material and can be used for further examinations. "Multiferm" can be used best in parallel examinations and scientific tests of the medical engineering, the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industry.

  • "Multiferm" is suitable for the parallel cultivation of cell lines under the same, almost the same or different conditions.
  • The fermenter system is excellently suitable for the preliminary examination and tests of medicine technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industry.


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Product range of medorex bioreactors

Measurement and control Technology

Measurement and control Technology

Measurement and control technology, autoclavable probes, sampling system and pH-measurement for the use in the laboratories of medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industry.

medorex solution for measurement and control technology

Media autoclave

Media autoclave

medoclav - a compact media-autoclave with 7 liters working-volumes and integrated stirring-system for the sterilization of nursing-media under high pressure.

"medoClav" an user friendly media autoclave for the cell cultivation and preparation

Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps

The new peristaltic pump generation with an extremely easy tube change. Microprocessor controlled, with a large functional diversity for all applications in analytics, biotechnology, medicine.

User friendly pumps of medorex

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